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Available for Adoption!  

Here are all our kittens and puppies currently looking for homes! 

All animals here are ready to be adopted. 

We are only accepting applications on animals listed on this page at this time. 



Female, est DOB April 2023 

Lilac is looking for her forever home! 

Lilac has had an eventful life so far, and she's barely a year. Dumped by her former owners, taken in by a kind woman, gave birth to 5 babies, then ended up in a rescue! That's enough excitement for her though, and she's ready to find a forever family to settle down with. 

Lilac is practially still a kitten at only around one year old. She's incredibly sweet and chatty, and will chirp and meow at you for attention. She'll sit right next to you, waiting patiently for pets. If you still don't get the hint, she'll lay down dramatically in front of you. She loves to be petted and scratched all over, especially her chin. She's incredibly playful and will chase a wand toy with kitten-like joy. With a proper introduction, we think Lilac would do well with other animals, but she can also be a solo cat. 


Lilac has been treated for fleas and parasites, dewormed, and will be spayed in April. If you think you're ready for the lifetime commitment, please apply below. We can't wait to find the perfect home for Lilac! 


Coconut & Agua (bonded pair)   

Males, Est DOB July 2023 

I know, I know, these are some pretty pathetic looking kittens. But this is the only photo we have of them together, so please give them a chance and keep reading. 

Coconut Diablo Forever (gray) and Agua Picante (white) came to us from the same colony as our Whimsy litter, Poirot, and sweet Bijou. In fact, we are almost certain these boys are Bijou's brothers! We trapped them a little older, so they came to us much more timid and under socialized. However, after weeks with a loving foster they are coming out of theirs shells beautifully, and it's time for them to move to their forever home together! 

The boys are still a little shy, but they warm up quickly when offered treats. They'll let you hold them and enjoy getting petted, and we know with the right family they'll continue to come out of their shells. Coconut will head butt your hands for pets and Agua is quick to follow his brother's lead. They need a patient, chill family willing to give them time to settle in and learn the joys of being house kittens. In this case, we're looking for families with older kids who enjoy the chill lifestyle (house parties are fun, but not for these kids!) 

These boys have been treated for fleas and parasites, vaccinated (additional vaccines will be the responsibility of the adopter), and are fixed. They must keep their claws and be inside only cats. 

If you're interested, apply through the button below! 

Keep Checking Back! 

We can't wait to find you your future family members!

If you've reached this box, you've reached the end of our available kitties!


But please keep checking back, as we'll have kittens looking for homes in the coming weeks! 

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